November 18, 2019 Josh Rogers

stronger is as stronger does

That Cali weather coming in clutch this fall.  (yeah I know, we need the rain…)


Stuff you’ll prob want to know…

  • New Strength Cycle: Today marks the start of a new strength cycle.  We will carry this through the end of the year at a minimum, reassess at that point, and possibly keep it going into 2020.  Our focus will be on powerlifting (squat, press, deadlift) during our strength sessions, but we will continue to get exposure to the Oly lifts during metcons, and the occasional EMOM.  Don’t worry, your Oly lifts will benefit in the long run, and you can always hit our Barbell class with Coach Ian for a little extra work in that department.  Remember, consistency over everything! #justshowup




S&P Cycle: SQUAT – press – acs – pull – off

A. Back squat: warmup, then 5-5-5+ (65-75-85%)

*5+ set is an AMRAP

B. 2 rounds for time:
1k row or 800m run (do each once, in either order)
30 OH plate lunges (45/25)
3 min UB plank hold (8 burpee penalty for each break)




A. As a warm up AMRAP in 5 min
10 halo each way
:30 side plank each side
5 boot strap squats

B. Strength cycle:
4 sets:
10 RDL
10 Seated overhead press
*record weights, this is week 1 of 4

C. 30-20-10
Wall balls
Cal bike
400m run each round