June 5, 2019 Josh Rogers

Bounce house

Scene from the Granite Games last weekend.  Team RPM Skeleton Crew front and center, lane 11.




    • No more 7pm classes due to lack of demand
    • Tuesday/Thursday afternoons will go like… 4:30 CrossFit, 5:30 Csport & Barbell, 6:30 CrossFit.
  • FUNDAMENTALS PROGRAM CHANGE Trying to get your friend or family in here to get started?  Well, we have a new procedure for this!  Going forward, we will no longer be holding our weekly Fundamentals Class.  Instead, we are opting for a more personal and focused approach – all new members who are also new to CrossFit will first need to complete 2 Private Fundamentals sessions with a coach.  This will allow people to complete Fundamentals around their schedules and allow the coaches to customize the Fundamentals curriculum to each person’s skills and abilities. So if you have a friend who’d like to start, simply connect us over email and we will take it from there!




S&P Cycle: squat – pull – press – PULL – off

A. AMRAP in 10 min:

1 squat snatch (135/95, scale load if Rx is more than 80% of your 1RM )
35 double unders
2 squat snatches
35 double unders
3 squat snatches
35 double unders
4 squat snatches
…and so on until time runs out

B. 4 sets:
10 heavy one arm DB rows ea. side
12 weighted situps




A. Every 5 min complete 1 round:
20 DB weighted lunges
400/300m row
rest the remainder of the 5 min interval, x 3 sets

B. Every 5 min complete 1 round:
15 Weighted situps
400m run
rest the remainder of the 5 min interval x 3 sets

C. 3 rounds:
1 min plank
20 Russian twists
10 thrusters

D. 3 rounds:
:30 side plank each side
20 Flutter kicks
10 DB ground to OH




Quote of the day

“Winners embrace hard work.  They love the discipline of it, the trade-off they’re making to win.  Losers, on the other hand, see it as punishment.  And that ‘s the difference.”  – Lou Holtz