July 7, 2018 Steven Barnes

If this doesn’t give me abs…

Another Mr Joshua


**Back Room Announcement**

Over the last year or so, the back room hasn’t been getting used quite as much as in years past.  At the same time, we are bursting at the seams for space on the logistics/operational side.  So for the time being, we’re going to split the back room in half, leaving the front half for training and the back half for product storage/operations.  So when you see some large storage racks being installed next week, that’s what’s going down.  On the plus side, we will be adding a legit pullup/squat rig in the new layout for the front half of the room, and there are plans in the works to add some official open gym training space to the front patio.  Thanks! And let us know if you have any further questions about any of this!



Upcoming Events

July 28th – Hip Clinic with Dr. Vanessa Nordin 9:30-11am

August 11th – Work out & Cook out – RPM/ Vasona Park 10:30-






DB burpees
DB push press
Hollow rocks
Air squats
*all 8 sets at once, before moving onto the next

B. 4 rounds for time:
400m run
30 Lunges
20 SA KBS (10/arm)
10 Pull ups