November 20, 2019 Josh Rogers


Chicken dance?



Stuff you’ll prob want to know…

  • Thanksgiving Schedule: 
    • Wed: reg schedule
    • Thanksgiving: closed
    • Friday: Open gym 8am to noon
    • Saturday: reg schedule
  • New Strength Cycle: Today marks the start of a new strength cycle.  We will carry this through the end of the year at a minimum, reassess at that point, and possibly keep it going into 2020.  Our focus will be on powerlifting (squat, press, deadlift) during our strength sessions, but we will continue to get exposure to the Oly lifts during metcons, and the occasional EMOM.  Don’t worry, your Oly lifts will benefit in the long run, and you can always hit our Barbell class with Coach Ian for a little extra work in that department.  Remember, consistency over everything! #justshowup




S&P Cycle: squat – press – ACS – pull – off

A. EMOM for 18 min

min 1: handstand practice
min 2: L-sit
min 3: forward roll

B. “Rhiannon” 10 min max double-unders




A. Alt. Tabata x 4 rounds
Level changes
Ab wheels
Bicycle sit ups

B. For time
100 lunges
90 air squats
800m run or row
70 push ups
60 cal bike
50 Pull ups
400m run or row
30 burpees
20 knees 2 elbow
100m overhead carry