September 4, 2020 Josh Rogers

Karen strikes again


9AM virtual class only.  5pm and noon are canceled for the holiday. 



  • GYM COVID UPDATE: We are currently on hold until we see a more consistent and tenable directive from the County. No one is being charged until further notice. Please continue to use the equipment you have borrowed, follow the posted workouts, or join us for a zoom virtual class. Staying active is critical right now and we want to help make that possible, despite not being able to train at the gym.


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Get a live breakdown of all the workouts from Chelsea every day at 8am on our IGTV feed @rpmtraining_lg or watch the recorded version anytime later in the day.




A. 3-5 dips EMOM for 10 min (scale or add weight as needed)


150 wall balls for time

C. 3 sets
20 biceps curls
20 supinated grip bent over rows*
20 tri ext




A. wtd. bench dips: 3 x 15

B. 100 thrusters for time

C. 3 sets

20 biceps curls
20 supinated grip bent over rows
20 tri ext




A. wtd. bench dips: 3 x 15

B. 3 rounds for time
40 jump squats
80 DUs

C. 3 sets
30 sec iso biceps curl hold*
30 sec iso OH triceps ext hold*



Sup grip bent over rows: hinge forward at the hips, hold weights arms extended with palms face up, row the weight the sternum, then return to full extension for 1 rep.  these can be done at a high rate of speed to increase intensity on biceps.

Iso holds:  these can both be done with a towel, belt, etc…