March 16, 2020 Josh Rogers

Here goes nothin


Understanding that the gym is such a vital part of your life and, for many, a true stress management solution, we tried hard to avoid this action for as long as possible, but after much deliberation, and with the health of our entire community as our top priority, we’ve decided to close the gym for the next two weeks.
So, beginning tomorrow 3/16, through 3/27, the gym will be CLOSED.
We are committed to doing what we can to minimize the economic impact of this decision on our coaches and staff (and indirectly, the economy as a whole), and will therefore be paying them during the above time period for their regularly scheduled hours.
This strategy will only be sustainable, however, if our membership remains stable. We certainly understand the collateral damage implications of this unprecedented time, and realize that for some people this may not be possible, but we truly hope to come out the other side of this with the same community that we entered it with.  In fact, sticking together (figuratively of course) is critically essential during this time. The more of us that can continue to support the small businesses that affect our lives and positively impact our communities, the better off everyone will be once we’ve gotten through it… and we will get through it.
Okay, on to the positives…
CLEAN PR: During the closure, we will be performing a deep clean of the facility and may even get a few other cool things done in the process.
HOMESLICE & ROPE BURN: We will also be posting at-home workouts that require minimal equipment on the blog and instagram (@rpmtraining_lg) daily, and will respond to all questions posted to our instagram in case anything needs clarification.  This will also be the best place to keep up to date on gym status, not mention a great place to heckle, umm… I mean, check in on, one another.
EQUIPMENT LOANERS: Later this week we will be working on a way that members could potentially borrow a dumbbell or kettlebell to use at home until we reopen. Stay tuned for updates on that!
All that said, the main takeaway from the previous email still holds true… It’s important to stay committed to your health through all of this, so we urge you (assuming you’re feeling well) to try to keep moving on a daily basis.
As do all the businesses you love and support during this time, we humbly ask for, and deeply appreciate. your understanding.
Thanks everyone! So sorry for any inconvenience. We wish you and your love ones peace and health through all of this.
RPM Team



HOMESLICE  (All you need is a jump rope and a KB/DB or some creativity) 

A.  3 sets:
30-60 sec OHS hold*
100 DUs

B. AMRAP in 16 min:

16 SA (single arm) snatches**
16 burpees
200m run

*Use a PVC pipe or boom handle

**Ideally you use a DB or KB, but any item with some weight you can hold with one hand will suffice!



ROPE BURN (All you need is a Jump rope!)

A.  3 sets:
30-60 sec deep squat hold
60 sec plank hold

B. AMRAP in 16 min:

16 burpees
32 DUs*
16 Rev lunges
32 DUs*

*Scale to singles x 3