June 11, 2019 Josh Rogers

Heavy does it

Eryka fighting for that rep!




  • FUNDAMENTALS PROGRAM CHANGE Trying to get your friend or family in here to get started?  Well, we have a new procedure for this!  Going forward, we will no longer be holding our weekly Fundamentals Class.  Instead, we are opting for a more personal and focused approach – all new members who are also new to CrossFit will first need to complete 2 Private Fundamentals sessions with a coach.  This will allow people to complete Fundamentals around their schedules and allow the coaches to customize the Fundamentals curriculum to each person’s skills and abilities. So if you have a friend who’d like to start, simply connect us over email and we will take it from there!




S&P Cycle: squat – pull – press – PULL – off

A. snatch: to a heavy single

B. 5 rounds for time:

8 cal AB
25ft handstand walk
8 sandbag cleans




A. 4 sets:
10 Seated OH press
15 Banded hamstring curls

B. 4 sets:
10 DB front squats
10 SL RDL each leg

C. 4 sets
400m run
15 DB hang squat cleans
30 jump rope

D. 4 sets:
400m row
20 body rows
15 burpees



Quote of the day

“Focus on the journey, not the destination.  Joy is found not in finishing an activity, but in doing it.”  – Greg Anderson