October 10, 2019 Josh Rogers


Ed’s ready for the Open!



Stuff you’ll prob want to know…

  • THE OPEN STARTS TODAY!  Register now!  There is no better way to add a little juice to your training. You do NOT need to be a competitive athlete to do this… in fact, you know what the hardest thing about the OPEN is?  Actually posting a score for all 5 weeks.  So there.  That’s your challenge.  Register and see if you can perform the workout and post a score for all 5 weeks.  Doesn’t matter if it’s scaled or Rx. Just get it done.
  • WE ARE CROSSFIT CADENCE! In case you don’t pre-date the RPM era… just a reminder that our official CrossFit Affiliate name is still “CrossFit Cadence”.  So when you register for the OPEN, select Cadence as your affiliate.
  • FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS starts this week! No classes Friday afternoons for the next 5 weeks. Instead, come in anytime between 5 and 7pm, for our OPEN house.  Three versions of the workout (Rx, Scaled, Csport) will be on the board and at least one coach will be there to help you get it done.  We are also hosting our friends from CrossFit Los Gatos, since they don’t have a place to do the OPEN this year as their gym is under construction. We’ll be giving away RPM gift cards for each week’s best performances too!  Okay see you Friday!



CROSSFIT (First Open workout announced tonight!) 

S&P Cycle: on break for the OPEN – we will still do some strength work, just not on the reg rotating schedule.

A. 15 min skill practice of choice

B. 3 rounds for time:

20/15 cal AB
7 wall climbs
100 DUs
50 air squats
500m row

*25 min cap



A. AMRAP in 30 min
Big block run buy in
AMRAP with time remaining:
10 bench press
10 pull ups
20 alt. weighted step ups
200m row
*Run 200m @ 15, 20, 25 min marks

B. 20-15-10
Pistols, total count
Push ups
Cal bike