November 2, 2019 Josh Rogers


Lifting hair don’t care.



Stuff you’ll prob want to know…

  • FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS continues this week! No classes Friday afternoons for the next 3 weeks. Instead, come in anytime between 5 and 7pm, for our OPEN house.  Three versions of the workout (Rx, Scaled, Csport) will be on the board and at least one coach will be there to help you get it done.  We are also hosting our friends from CrossFit Los Gatos, since they don’t have a place to do the OPEN this year as their gym is under construction.




A. 5 DB strict press EMOM for 10 min

B. 12 cal assault bike EMOM for 5 min

C. 15 cal row EMOM for 5 min

D. 50 double-unders EMOM for 5 min




A. 1 min @ each x 3 rounds
DB weighted step ups
push up to renegade rows
jump rope

B. 3 sets:
5-10 heavy bench
10 pull ups
1 min plank

C. 3 sets:
10 RDL
20 jumping lunges AFAP
:30 wall sit

D. 3 rounds:
200m run
10 thrusters
200m row
10 ab wheels