August 3, 2019 Josh Rogers


There’s a lot of competition left, but RPM athlete Noah Ohlsen is currently sitting atop the leaderboard going into day 3!




  • CrossFit Games are underway!  Check this out for ways to watch!
  • HERO MONTH WRAP… Nice job everyone!  It was a hell of a month.  You guys crushed it.  We didn’t hit all our faves though, so don’t be surprised if one pops up again soon!




S&P Cycle: squat – pull – PRESS – pull – off

A. jerk: 1RM for the day

B. 5 rounds, each for time:

  • 15 GHD situps
  • 10 shouler to overhead (135/95)
  • 20 cal row

*rest 2-3 min bt rounds




A. AMRAP in 10 min
10 bench press
10 Goblet squats
1 min plank

B. AMRAP in 10 min
20 alternating battle rope waves
10 box jumps
100m run

C. 4 rounds:
20 battle rope 2- arm wave
15 side bends each side
15 tri ext.
20 sit ups
400m run



Quote of the Day

“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” – Bruce Lee