March 19, 2020 Josh Rogers

Rise and grind


**Lockdown Updates**

  • EQUIPMENT LOANERS: Okay, here’s the plan… if you’d like to borrow a few things from the gym during the closure you MUST first email with the subject line “Equipment Loan” with what you’d like to borrow before noon on the day you’d like to pick it up, and pickup days will be limited to MONDAYS and THURSDAYS only, starting with today, 3/18. We will respond to your email with what items from your request can be accommodated and then place the equipment OUTSIDE on the patio on pickup day, labeled with your name, between the hours of 2pm and 6pm ONLY, along with a log where you will need to sign the equipment out and agree to the terms (ie. You must return it within 72hrs of our request to have it back, and if it doesn’t make it back your card on file will be charged for the cost of the replacement). Please DO NOT enter the gym, ask to enter the gym, or ask for more items than what was agreed to in your reservation. We are simply complying with CDC recommendations and must adhere to this policy. Equipment loans will be limited to KBs, DBs, bars, plates, boxes, wall balls, flat mats, Abmats, ab wheels, bands, and jump ropes (read more below on these), and you can see exactly what’s available on this google doc.  Requests will be granted in the order they are received, and there will be a per-person limit to the amount of each type of equipment that can be borrowed. You may choose 1 type of strength equipment (1 KB or 2 DBs or 1 Bar and 1 set of plates) plus 1 of any of the conditioning or accessory pieces (a jump rope, wall ball, abmat, etc). We also must reserve the right to cancel or amend this policy at any time.  Thanks everyone, hope this helps you make it through this time!


  • JUMP ROPE GIVEAWAY: Thanks to our unique situation as a brand that makes jump ropes, we have a limited (but decent) number of “seconds” ropes that, while we can’t sell them, are perfectly functional and effective.  So, while supplies last, if you request a jump rope with your equipment loan, we will include one for you that you can keep! You won’t be able to choose the color, but if you include your height, or the size of your favorite rope from our gym’s wall racks, we will also size it for you!


  • INSTAGRAM LIVE!!! Join Chelsea every morning at 8am on our Instagram, (@rpmtraining_lg) feed for a live description of that day’s workouts and a chance to ask questions in real time. If you can’t tune in at 8, no worries, the broadcast will remain on our feed for 24hrs. And don’t forget to comment with your results and thoughts on each day’s workout post anytime you do the workouts. We want to hear from you!



HOMESLICE  (All you need is a jump rope and a KB/DB or some creativity) 

40 min @ ~ 75%

200m run with weight
6 TGUs (KB, DB, or what’s available)
8 SA rows ea side*
10 HSPUs (scale to HR pushups or piked HSPUs)
30 sec side plank hold
30 sec side plank hold (other side)
10 KB windmills (5 ea. side)**
50 speed step***



ROPE BURN (All you need is a Jump rope!)

30 min @ ~ 75%

400m run
3 tuck jump burpees****
6 pushup to rotation*****
30 sec side plank hold
30 sec side plank hold (other side)
100 speed step



*With weight in your right hand and arm extended, put left foot forward, hinge forward until torso is near parallel to ground and hold, then row the weight up to your chest, do these slowly.

**Check in with Chelsea on our IG live feed for a demo! She goes live at 8am but the video will be available all day.

***Alternating quick choppy steps as the rope passes under the feet.

****Normal burpee except when you jump at the top, bring your knees up level with your waist making contact with your hands.

*****Do a pushup, at the top rotate to one side reaching your free hand up towards the ceiling and rolling your feet to their side similar to a side plank, then return and repeat the pushup and rotate to the other side for the next rep.