February 5, 2018 Josh Rogers

40 reps to freedom

NorCal winter things.




  • The OPEN starts in one month!!!  For those new to CrossFit this year, the best way to learn about the OPEN is to talk to your coaches and friends in class, because I just can’t do it justice in a post.  That said, here’s today’s list of a few things you should probably know about it to peak your curiosity…

The OPEN is the first stage of the CrossFit Games’ quest to find the “Fittest on Earth”.

The OPEN is for everyone!  …a chance for all levels and ages to get involved in the fun of competition and community.

The OPEN consists of only 1 workout per week for 5 weeks, that can be performed here at our gym and uses movements you see every day in class.

The OPEN is a pretty fun time of year to be a part of the CrossFit community.

The OPEN starts Feb 22 and you can register for it HERE!

The OPEN is bound to bring TACOS to the gym at some point, and maybe a few big time RPM athletes.

The OPEN means I will be bombarding you with posts and reminders to register, starting…. NOW.

… Register HERE, and choose “CrossFit Cadence” as your affiliate and “RPM Training” as your team!




S&P Cycle: PRESS – pull – off – squat – pull

A. 30 HSPUs for time

B. For time:
40 toes to bar
40 hang squat snatch (95/65)
40 box jumps (30/24)
40 push press (95/65)
40 burpees




A. 3 sets:
15 sec PVC OHS squat hold
15 sec dead hang (from pullup bar)
15 sec superman hold

B. AMRAP in 35 min
Big block run buy-in
then AMRAP w/time left
80 lunges
70 DUs
60 sit ups
500m row
40 box jumps
30 burpees
200m run

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